About Us

Need metal cutting done with high quality, close-tolerance, quick turnaround, and competitive pricing? Look no further than Green’s Metal Cut-Off for your metal and plastic bar or tube cutting services.

Our History

Green’s Metal Cut-Off was founded in 1950 as Metal Cut-Off, Inc, with originally designed equipment that utilized patented features that allowed faster cutting times with closer tolerances on small diameter parts for less cost. In 1975, the assets of Metal Cut-Off, Inc were sold to Chuck Green and Green’s Metal Cut-Off was formed and grew to became a well-recognized and respected name in the field. In 2007, Chuck sold the business to Jeff & Renee Dunstan (Dunstan Enterprises). Jeff ran the company with his heart and soul until he passed away suddenly in 2017 at which time Renee took over and continued in the tradition of those before her. In 2023, Greens was sold to Gregg Riphagen, along with his son Garrett Riphagen. Whom will continue Green’s as the same custom screw machine parts manufacturer dedicated to providing quality, close-tolerance parts, with on-time delivery at a lower cost. This is all thanks to our custom machines that are still unique to the industry. They are also committed to growing Green’s Metal Cut-Off to better serve our existing customers and as well as building new relationships.

Our Staff

We are here for you…. As an  ISO 9001:2015 certified company, we serve a wide variety of industries from commercial to aerospace. Whether you need a one-time unique product run or a long-term contract or something in between, we’ve got you covered. We take care of our employees and in return they are loyal to Green’s and work hard to produce quality parts with a solid background of machining experience and expertise.

President – Gregg Riphagen

Gregg Riphagen a visionary leader with a rich history in the manufacturing industry. With a diverse background spanning across various sectors, Gregg has consistently demonstrated a passion for innovation and excellence.

With a career that includes pivotal roles in manufacturing companies ranging from stainless steel plumbing fixtures and fitness equipment to mattress and furniture manufacturers, Gregg has honed his skills and expertise in the intricacies of production and quality craftsmanship.

In 2018, Gregg embarked on a new venture by acquiring a Fitness Equipment company specializing in the manufacturing of heavy-duty exercise equipment. This unique company had a distinct focus on catering to the demanding correctional environment, showcasing Gregg’s commitment to serving specialized markets.

Recognizing the importance of local manufacturing and quality control, Gregg made the pivotal decision to bring the overseas fabrication of fitness equipment to California. This not only emphasized his dedication to supporting local industry but also highlighted his commitment to ensuring the excellence of each product.

Continuing on the path of innovation and growth, Gregg expanded his vision with the acquisition of Green’s Metal Cut-Off. This strategic move unites the Fitness Equipment company and Green’s Metal Cut-Off under one roof, creating a cohesive and efficient manufacturing hub.

Join us as we embark on this exciting journey with President Gregg Riphagen, where a wealth of manufacturing expertise converges under one unified roof. Experience the commitment to precision, quality, and innovation that defines Gregg Riphagen’s legacy in the manufacturing industry.

Vice President – Garrett Riphagen

Welcome to Green’s Metal Cut-Off, where tradition meets innovation, and where our commitment to quality is led by Vice President Garrett Riphagen. With a Bachelor’s degree in Communication from Cal State Long Beach and approximately 6 years of valuable experience in the manufacturing industry, Garrett is set to be the driving force behind the growth and continued success of Green’s Metal Cut-Off.

Garrett’s journey in manufacturing began with a focus on stainless steel and mild steel fixtures before expanding into the realm of heavy-duty fitness equipment units. This diverse background has equipped him with a comprehensive understanding of the industry, from materials to intricate manufacturing processes.

As the main focus and contact for Green’s Metal Cut-Off, Garrett is dedicated to preserving the rich tradition that spans the last 75 years. His mission is not only to sustain the legacy but also to propel the company forward into new heights of excellence and innovation.

What sets Garrett apart is his hands-on approach to ownership. He is more than willing to roll up his sleeves and work alongside the talented team in the factory. This commitment ensures that the values of hard work, precision, and quality craftsmanship are instilled at every level of our operations.

At Green’s Metal Cut-Off, we are not just a team; we are a family working together under Garrett’s leadership to uphold the values that have defined us for decades. Join us in our journey of growth and evolution, where Vice President Garrett Riphagen’s passion for manufacturing excellence drives us to new horizons while honoring the time-honored traditions that have shaped Green’s Metal Cut-Off for the past 75 years.


Operations Manager – Letty

Meet Letty, the heartbeat of our company and a cornerstone of our success for the past two decades. With a wealth of experience and a passion for excellence, Letty is the go-to person for everything that makes our operation run seamlessly.

In her 20 years with the company, Letty has become an indispensable asset, adept at handling everything from quotes and order processing to ensuring the shop floor operates at peak efficiency. Her in-depth knowledge of our processes and operations allows her to anticipate needs and proactively address challenges, making sure that every aspect of our business runs like a well-oiled machine.

Letty’s commitment extends beyond the internal workings of the company; she takes the time to know our customers by name, understanding their unique needs and preferences. This personalized approach ensures that each customer receives the attention and service they deserve, setting our company apart in customer satisfaction.

Not only is Letty the go-to problem-solver, but she is also dedicated to maintaining open lines of communication within our team. She ensures that our staff is well-informed and equipped with the necessary resources to excel in their roles.

When it comes to addressing concerns, Letty goes above and beyond to make things right. Her unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction and commitment to resolving issues promptly exemplify her role as a true advocate for our clients.

Letty is more than an employee; she is the embodiment of our company’s values and commitment to excellence. Her expertise, dedication, and personable approach make her an integral part of our team, and we are proud to have her as a driving force behind our success

We want to be your ‘Go-To’ team for both your metal & plastic tubing or bar cutting needs!

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